Thursday, 7 April 2016

March 2016 | Tea & Screens #1

As I mentioned in my wrap-up, I want to talk about all the shows and movies I'm watching each month. Yes, I love books, just like you do, but I'd like to talk about a larger range of topics. TV shows and movies are something I would like to start up with. Each month, I'll do mini wrap-ups focusing on that subject. I'm calling this new type of post "Tea & Screens", because I love watching shows, movies or even YouTube videos while I'm drinking tea. And well, tea is the first word of my blog's name. ;) This month was totally a comics adaptation month for me, I can't get enough of it! I only watched one movie but well, it was a good one.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3x11-3x14) - After a three months long break (ugh ABC, I really don't like when you do this), Agents of SHIELD got back on TV! I was really excited to watch it again, because it ended on a big cliff-hanger, as always. However, I found it to be slow to start and we didn't see that much of the antagonist of the season since the show came back. I'm still really invested, and I even cried at the end of an episode because of the team dynamics and some characters left which made me so, so sad. They weren't my favourites, but it's weird thinking we won't see them again (or in a long time). Still, the show featured some good character development, with a backstory for Mack, another character really joining the team...
Agent Carter (S2) - I don't know if Agent Carter has been renewed for a third season, but I sure hope so (because that ending!). I thinkthat some people don't really like it because it's pretty different from what Marvel usually do, but I was so addicted, I watched the entire season (ten episodes) this month. I liked that it linked to what was happening in Agents of SHIELD. It was also a little frustrating, because I knew but the characters didn't since it happened fifty years after. Anyway, this show made me laugh so much and it's a little ridiculous at times (in a good way) because it's a different spirit from our time. I love that it is set in a different era and that it's basically a prequel for the SHIELD, but maybe it's just the history nerd in me. Moreover, the characters were in a new setting, since the first season was set in New York and this one in Los Angeles. Peggy rocked it all, as always, and we got her backstory, how she entered the SSR and everything! I loved when she said she hadn't taken a day off since Pearl Harbor, that's totally her! :D Also, Jarvis is my fave!

Shadowhunters (1x08-1x12) - The show started to be quite different from the books, but I don't think it's a bad thing! I wasn't a fan of the first episodes of the season, but I found that it really improved since the beginning. Moreover, as a fan of the book, I like not knowing everything that's going to happen. The show made some plot elements come sooner and it was a good idea, because a book and a show are definitely not the same format. For me, books and TV show are different things and I'm pretty sure that's why I'm able to enjoy it when others really don't. I still have a hard time with Jace and Clary, I find them ridiculous, especially when they have dialogs like "It's you and me. Here and now." How can this be more cringe-worthy??? UGH. But I really enjoy the other main characters, when I wasn't Simon and Alec's biggest fan in the books! Also, can we talk about Malec? Because every time I livetweeted an episode, that's what I was talking about. I loved that they mentioned Church and Chairman Meow at some point, I was the heart eyes emoji. Literally. I'm cheating because I'm including the finale -which aired April 5th- and I wasn't overly impressed by uit. Nothing actually shocking happened in my opinion. Or did I just miss it?

The Flash (2x14-2x16) - I'm so obsessed with this show. I'm also a little late, for I watch it with my boyfriend and I haven't seen him since the last episode was released. Since Zoom's "maybe identity" came up, I've been looking up every theory I could find, I need to figure it out. Seeing Earth-2 was so cool, but I really thought they would stay longer... I hope they'll go back soon! In the episodes I watched, Diggle and Lyla made a cameo and it always makes me so excited when that happens, because well, I'm watching all DC's shows from CW. By the way, I really need to catch up on Supergirl, for the crossover episode with Flash!

Arrow (4x16-4x17) - Honestly, I think this show is getting better every year. I started watching it because it was the first comic show of the 2010s, but I found it to be all action and repetitive and I wanted more depth. Now that magic was introduced, I'm in awe. As always, the flashbacks aren't my favourite -it makes me laugh so much thinking he said he spent 'five years on an island with only one goal: to survive' in season one- but present day scenes are so good. Darhk is such an interesting and hard to beat villain, he is questioning everyone's beliefs and I love that. Lately, the show has been so gripping, I can't wait to see how it will end this year and damn... Who will be in the grave we saw all those episodes ago? I really need to know! Also, I'm wondering why so much breaks between the episodes, CW? There was a three weeks long one and another this week? Like no. 

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (1x03-1x06) - I like it but I find it's complicated to have character development with six main characters... This world is different from what I'm used to in superheroes shows, because it involves historical (but can we get in a more ancient time period, please?) and futuristic worlds. What I have a hard time believing is the whole team being able to work together like that, like when Snart said he did want to stay in the beginning, when it was all about the team? It felt a little out of character but oh well. I'm eager to know more about the time lords because that's a concept I love. Also, Oliver made an appearance, it was quite fun (or not?)! So far I really like the show, but I hope the concept of each time travel won't get too repetitive.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (in theaters) - It was so dark, both visually and morally, which pleased me to no end (those settings, wow). With so many mixed reviews, I was scared to see it, but I really liked it! I think Ben Affleck was a really good Batman, but I wanted Alfred to be more like the usual Alfred. Also, I felt like something was missing in Batman's crusade against Superman. It didn't seem "enough". Jesse Eisenberg was acting so well as an insane Lex Luthor. I liked that he wasn't really good at making speeches, it helped for more diversity - which doesn't happen a lot in superheroes movies - he was this crazy genius. The highlight of the movie was of course Wonder Woman (except the ridiculous music when she fought) especially when Batman and Superman were wondering who she was with. She's with herself, you idiots. The movie was a great introduction to Justice League movies, because we saw glimpses of Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash. I have to admit I'm still a little bittersweet that they had to cast another actor for Flash, because I really like Grant Gustin... But he can't do the show and the movie, sadly. It contained some great action scenes, but it focused more on the characters, which made it long to start, but I didn't mind, because I liked all the built-up. I'm really excited for more DC movies now. 

 Have you watched Batman v. Superman yet? Do you watch any of the shows I mentioned?


  1. I love all of the Tv shows you've talked about here! Sadly, I have yet to see the new Superman movie.

  2. I used to get very annoyed when shows start deviating from the books like Shadowhunters is doing. Nowadays, I prefer it since it mixes things up a little - plus my IRL friends like it better when I can't act like an insufferable know it all from having read the book first.

    I haven't seen Batman Vs Superman yet, but it's on my to do list - everyone I know seems to love it.

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

  3. YESSS, AGENT CARTER! That ending, honestly, I just can't. I need to know what's going to happen next. I NEED a season three—I can't live without it! I don't know that I'll see Batman vs. Superman—I don't have the best history with DC, but we'll see.