Saturday, 12 March 2016

where I come back from the dead | Random Update #1

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that for the last five days... I haven't posted anything *sigh* It's not that long I think, but it felt like forever... It never happened!

On Sunday night, I got a problem with my computer: the touch "p" is stuck, it's typing everywhere so I can't enter my password and can't access my computer. I will deal with this problem when I get home next week-end. In the meantime, my boyfriend lent me his old computer, which must stay plugged on at all times but it's better than nothing. So here I am, typing again for the first time of the week. How I missed it. It was kind of my first hiatus since I started this blog (nine months ago, I think?), which is fine!

At the same time, I was really busy with uni because I had tons of assignments to write and I only have one left (yesss!) so next week I'm totally coming back to my usual schedule. I'm really excited and I'm so late on reviews when it was a big resolutions for the year, ugh. I'm also really behind with my comments, I'll start fixing it on Monday (I hope).

During this uni-driven week, I had to read a biography about Marie Curie and wow I love her. I can't really understand all of her works, but her figure fascinates me so much. Sometimes, assignments can do good.

Nevertheless, I read amazing books this week and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with all of you! I read:

• The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine 5 stars
• Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare  5 stars

Currently reading: Starflight by Melissa Landers

I still can't believe I actually read Lady Midnight, I just want to cry because I'm so happy about it but at the same time... I'm upset because I have to wait another year for the sequel, and it ended in such a bad place *sobs* I was excited for Lady Midnight for three years, I was still in high school at that time and now I'm in my third year of uni, which is crazy. But I'm glad I still loved it. I found it actually better than The Mortal Instruments, because I was kind of tired of this series since City of Lost Souls, which was really slow. But I have so many feels after Lady Midnight and now I need to write them down. Funny thing: The Book Depository still hasn't shipped my preorder so I read it as an ebook... I'm really mad at them right now... when I'll finally get the book, I'll probably re-read, haha.

How was your week? Link me down with all the posts I could have missed!

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  1. Oh wow, hopefully your laptop works well soon!
    And man, if you've been posting like at least once every three days over hte past nine months...that's dedication! :O
    I'm super glad I didn't get my Lady Midnight from TBD then :D I'm in the middle of reading it now! :D