Friday, 13 January 2017

End of hiatus + Goals for 2017

Hi guys, long time no see !

I had said I was going to come back in the middle of December, but it didn't end up happening, because life was crazy, I had personnal issues and my master's disseration was at war with me. So yeah, that was fun. Also, the truth is... I still wasn't ready to come back. I was waiting until I missed it so much, and the time has come, which makes me so happy.

But, I still haven't wished you an HAPPY NEW YEAR ! May your year be filled with health, happiness and success ! I'm determined to make 2017 my beast year yet and I hope it will be this way for you.

I also wanted to thank y'all for sticking with me for the past few months, even though I wasn't very active on the blog, it means the world to me to come back and see you were still visiting my little corner of the Internet : you're just the best !

I've read tons in the past few months, which means I'm very late in my reviews, but I won't try to catch up, because if I do that, we'll be there until Easter, but by then I'll have read other books and it will be an endless fight. But hey, it's a New Year, right? So I'm starting fresh and will only catch up on my January reviews. I also hope I'll find new content to post, because while I love sharing my thoughts on the books I read, I know it's not everyone's favourite contempt. But yeah, I'm back and over the moon about it. I'll post my first blog post on Sunday, so stay tuned for that!

For the second part of this post, I'm gonna share with you five goals I have for 2017 (or it would be rather pointless to make a post just about my return...).

  1. Travel to Scotland. I've been so obsessed with Scotland ever since I started watching Outlander back in June and have read the first three books by now. I also read The Highland Witch by Susan Fletcher lately, which I highly recommend, and it made me want to travel to Scotland even more. I just need to go to Glencoe and Culloden to cry. I also want to go to Edinburgh and get lost there.
  2. Getting back into writing. I've graduated high school for three and a half years and I haven't really been writing since then, which is a shame. I'm intending to go back to it in 2017 and have already wrote 1.000 words, which is a start.
  3. To work on bookstagram. Which I have already started, even though I'm not the best at it.
  4. To gain confidence. I always had little confidence in myself, I'm not asking for the biggest change, but to gain some would be quite nice.
  5. Continue to expand my reading tastes. Since September, I've started reading classics again, but also adult novels, I got back into reading in French. I've also been reading more diversely since the beginning of 2016, which makes me so very happy and I intend to continue with that.
Side note : I'm not teabooksandfun on social media anymore, but wishesandpages (the name of my blog in French), if you're looking for me. I'm also thinking of changing the name of the blog to wishesandpages (and something more, so maybe ofwishesandpages?), because I'm no longer happy with teabooksandfun as a name).

It wasn't the most interesting post, but I wanted to let you know I was back and am now tired of talking (erm, I mean writing), so tell me all about you. What happened in the book blogging community while I was gone? How are you? Anything interesting happening in your life? Do you have big plans for 2017?

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