Thursday, 5 May 2016

April 2016 | Tea & Screens #2

Tea & Screens is a monthly feature where I talk about all the movies and TV shows I watched in the previous month. I totally cheated for Captain America though, since I saw it on May 1st, but who wouldn't? It was just Marvel at its finest. And yes, you can notice once more how obsessed I am with movies/TV shows based upon comics' characters. I'm a bit sad because a lot of TV shows' seasons will be ending in May, which means I'll need to find other shows to watch over the summer.

Supergirl (1x15-1x20) - I still think this show is cheesy, but I really like it overall. My least favourite episode was probably the one with the Red Kryptonite, because I hate when they choose to make the character bad but it's not his faaaauuult. But well, that's my taste. My favourite episode was probably the crossover with the Flash, because Barry (<3). Also, it was hilarious when Cat said he was meant to be on a show from CW. I'm excited to see the direction in which the show is going next season.

Once Upon A Time (5x12-5x19) - I really like this arc in the Underworld, particularly meeting Hades (when his hair becomes blue fire, I find it hilarious), I was totally rooting for him as a villain, but sadly he's going soft in the last few episodes... I know that it's a family show and all, but I want a true villain. I liked seeing characters from previous seasons, I had missed them. The creators are also a lot about instalove lately in my opinion. Okay, there is the idea of true love, but it's better with build up like Snow/Charming and Belle/Rumple.

The Flash (217-219) - OMG Wells, what is this horrible 'brilliant' idea you got at the end of the last episode? I didn't watch a lot of episodes for this show, because there weren't that many this month. It took some cool and scary twists during those episodes though, I could totally feel the tension. Now Barry, just find a way to take down Zoom. And then we'll know who is the man in the mask!

Arrow (417-419) - Like I said last month, this season really got more intense than the previous ones and I love it. I still don't really care about the flashbacks though, but it's almost always been the case. Finally, we got to know who was in the grave! I wasn't completely shocked by the revelation, because it was obvious it wouldn't be certain characters. I think that with this revelation, we reached a climax and that now it will only be about facing the antagonist - after all, there aren't many episodes left!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (315-318) - This month, there were some good plot twists and it makes me all the more eager to see what will happen next. We finally know what Hive (it's his name now, right?) is been up to and he doesn't really care about SHIELD, haha. There were betrayals, relationships forming and that's all that I need. The ending of episode eighteen made me so happy (because finallyyyyy) but also scared for what will happen next. 

Captain America: Civil War (2016) - Technically, I saw this one on May 1st, but I don't want to wait another month before talking about it. Beforehand, I would like to say that I saw it early because it's been out since April 27 in France. Obviously, I was team Cap because "that's all there is" (cookies for who gets the reference!) and I think I was already on his side when I read the first bind-up of Civil War (it's the only one I have) years ago. To make it brief, I found that the cast was spectacular, the movie was the funniest and it had some great action. Moreover, I can totally understand why some people are all about Steve/Bucky, because one can wonder why he would do all of that for him, you know? If you think about it, superheroes are doing everything to save their girlfriend, not the best-friend-turned-psycho-that-tried-to-kill-them. I kept this short, but I'm so obsessed. Also, I'm so excited for more Black Panther, I found him so interesting and there were so much backstory about him.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999) - I read Shakespeare's play three years ago but I never saw it acted out. It's a movie, so it's not the same as seeing it in a theatre, but it made me laugh. I definitely don't think it was the best, but I haven't seen another adaptation yet. It had quite a famous cast, so it was interesting seeing all these actors in a different genre. I was quite surprised when I saw the actress playing Cat in Supergirl (she played Helena here), I'm used to her as a powerful and cynical woman. However, I found it to be quite graphic: I watched with my little brother, who is ten years old, and it wasn't adapted. I'm not sure it's that obvious when you see it in a theatre. Overall, I enjoyed it and I liked finally seeing an adaptation of it.

Hercules (1997) - It was only my second or third time seeing it, actually. Obviously, all the inaccuracies about Greek mythology made me cringe, especially after studying Greek religion for a year at university. But, it's a Disney animated movie and I love those overall. I was pleased to see it had a little diversity, for a Disney movie and I liked that, because we were in Greece, so of course people have a darker skin than in Norway for example. Also, everyone wasn't the skinniest of them all, that's a start. But, if you look at the poster, the characters are white... Ugh. Moreover, the strength of the movie was definitely Hades, the villain. I can totally buy him as a villain, he was so awful and the fire hair is my favourite. 

What did you watched this month? Any favourite movies or TV shows? Are you planning on seeing Captain America soon?

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