Thursday, 7 July 2016

June 2016 | Tea & Screens #4

Tea & Screens is a monthly feature I started a few months back, where I'm talking about all the shows and movies I watched in the previous month.

Because of my internship, I've lacked the motivation to watch anything lately... So most of what I watched, I watched during the first two weeks of June. But I'm quite happy, because I loved everything. At the same time, as I watched Disney movies, it's not really a surprise here! ;)

Outlander (Season 1) - Everyone's been raving about it, but I've been avoided it for so long. One night, I didn't know what to do, and watched the first episode. I got totally addicted to the show and even watched three episodes - which never happens, as I have zero attention when it comes to TV show, I can only watch one. This show is amazing, doesn't sugar-coat anything (I just finished the finale and oh my, I almost puked...) and it feels authentic. I can totally understand why everyone is addicted now. By the way, I think that Sam Heughan is definitely attractive as Jamie Fraser, but not so much in real life, I don't know (it must be the curly hair). Season 2 is ending this week, so I'll be able to binge-watch the entire season this July, and I'll be all caught up (and saaaaad). I'm developping an obsession, as I want the Funko Pops, but I don't want to actually read the book, which is weird? But maybe I'll change my mind! 

Game of Thrones (Season 6) - First off, I want to say that I would have enjoyed this season even more if I hadn't been spoiled for every. single. episode. I'm so mad about it, because spoilers appeared everywhere while the episode was airing, and guess what, I don't live in the US, so I had to wait 24 hours. Ugh, ugh, ugh. The worst part is that it came from people that hate spoiles... Like, nope. To conclude my rant, it's okay to live-tweet, but chill and don't spoil. ANYWAY. This season was my favourite of ever, as I wasn't a huge fan of season 5. It was all about women's power and the storyline made so much progress. I can't wait to see how it'll conclude as there are only thirteen episodes left. Moreover, the music of the last episode was amazing and I advise you to listen to it, even if you don't watch the show!

The 100 (3x01-3x04) - I'm watching this show with my boyfriend, and as I said, I've been lacking the motivation to do anything lately. On weekends, I'd rather read than watch TV shows, so we haven't made a lot of progress... My bad, we'll try to catch up in July? I wasn't sold out by the first episode, I have to admit, I found it quite weird. But it's starting to get better! Not as great as the first two seasons though. I'm waiting to see how it evolves. I've been trying to avoid spoilers like the plague, because people are the worst for this show, just like for GOT... :/

Zootopia (2016) - I had heard nothing but great things about this movie, and everyone was right! It was about prejudice and racism, I loved the message that went through the movie, especially considering what's been happening in the world lately... For example, at the beginning Judy was so scared of foxes, as she's a rabbit, but in the end, one of them was her best friend. I'm applauding Disney-Pixar for this movie -my little brothers also became obsessed- and I'm mad at myself for not watching it sooner.

The Good Dinosaur (2015) - I was also pretty late to this party, and once again, I should have watched it at the same time than everyone else! The Good Dinosaur was a great coming of age story that anyone could relate to, especially when we sometimes feel so worthless about ourselves. At some point, it was also about prejudices, I wasn't expecting it at all. I cried at the end, but I get emotional everytime I'm watching a Disney movie, don't mind me...

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) - I have to admit that Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton is one of my favourite movies, because I love him as a director, and it was starring Johnny Depp. So many people don't like the movies because it's quite different from the books, but I love them anyway. In this one, we saw a lot more of the 19th century, because the location was switching, which was quite interesting, as we were seeing the consequences for Alice. This movie involved ships, time traveling and steampunk elements, you bet I loved it. Moreover, I was pleasantely surprised when I realised that Edward Speleers (Jimmy from Downton Abbey) was acting in the movie and he could be something more for Alice (I SHIP IT!!!). I just loved the movie so much, Alice kicked everyone's ass and showed that Victorian ladies could be the strongest. Also, at the end, the credits were saying the movie was dedicated to Alan Rickman, which put me on the verge of tears, but at the same time, I found it so beautiful that they were doing this. <3

It appears that I talked a lot, because I loved everything so much, this month. I hope it'll be just the same in July. I shouldn't wait too long before watching Finding Dory, or I'll be late to the Disney party again. But at the same time, Finding Nemo isn't my favourite... Decisions, decisions.

What did you watch this month? Any of the movies and TV shows I talked about? Are you obsessed with Outlander? Do you think I should read the books? Were you spoiled for Game of Thrones because of social media? Or for The 100? What do you think of the Alice movies?


  1. Havnt watched Through the looking glass yet. And I am a Nemo fan. :D So Finding Dory might be interesting for me

    1. I hope you'll love Through the Looking Glass! It's so pleasing to the eye (I love the universe anyway) and it was a good story. I haven't heard many things about Finding Dory yet, so I'm crossing my fingers for it to be good! :)

  2. I'm pretty far being on The 100, like I'm still only a few episodes in in season 2 and I'm annoyed that Finn feels like a bad guy.

    Your'e so right! As soon as the GoT episode aired in the US there were spoilers EVERYWHERE I avoided facebook on Monday's so I wasn't accidentally spoiled.

    I tried to watch Outlander but it seems like such a weird storyline. I'm only one episode in and I was bored lol. But if I ever get time I know I will want to continue on with it because everyone loves it.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

    1. I definitely know what you mean. Oh my, season 2 was crazy, you're in for a treat! :)
      It was so annoying for GOT, because it was the case on every social media... Most of the time I'm trying to avoid Twitter because it's always the worst there, but this time it didn't work, haha.
      Outlander is quite a slow show, I'll give you that, but I always wanted to know what happened next, it had quite an addictive quality to it. And well, Jamie Fraser ;)

  3. I always hear a lot about Outlander and Game of Thrones, but I have never actually watched an episode. Maybe in the future. As for The 100, my friends talk about it all the time, but I have only read the first book which I enjoyed. I want to try and watch the show as well. I think Zootopia and the Good Dinosaur are raved about by everyone, so I'm not sure why I haven't watched those either. School has been cutting into the time I use for shows and TV, but I will pick back up very soon.

    Chioma @ Blue Books and Butterflies

    1. Outlander is quite a slow show, but I'm enjoying it anyway. It's so hard to start watching TV shows when they're so hyped up, so I understand. I haven't read the 100 as books, because I've heard many negative things, but the show is great, maybe you'll enjoy it even more! School is such a pain for that, I understand, I hope it'll get better for you soon. :)