Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Get To Know Me Tag

Sooo, Geraldine @ CorrallingBooks tagged me to do the Get To Know Me Tag! Thank you so much, lovely! As you may know, I love doing tags –it’s been a while I think?- I’m excited to do this one!


Name: Lucie 
Nicknames: Lulu, Lu, P’tit Lu, Elisabeth, Babeth, Small Marmot
Birthday: February 12th 1996
Occupation: I’m studying history in La Sorbonne, it’s my third year, which means I’ll have a bachelor of history in a few weeks! *dances happily*


Hair colour: I’m blonde but I have a lot of hair, so the hair under is more dark blonde, because it never sees the sun, haha. I need it to be summer so I’ll be fully blonde again!
Hair length: I cut my hair again two weeks ago and now it’s above my shoulders. And yes, I cut my hair myself, because it’s curly so you can’t see it if the length isn’t the same everywhere. I know it’s weird but… I don’t want to spend a lot of money on that!
Eye colour: In my family, we all have blue eyes, but we all have different shades. Mine are more steel blue (according to my boyfriend who just checked!).
Best feature: My emotionality, even though it’s overwhelming at times, because I can empathy with others easily and listen to them.
Braces: Oh my, I got mine for three years and only got them off in October of my high school senior year. I hated those so much, ugh. I know they were useful on me, though, so I get it.
Piercing: I only have my ears pierced and I don’t want anything else. Belly-button piercings weirds me out because I’m quite uncomfortable about belly buttons, which is so weird.
Tattoos: It could be pretty cool to have one but it’s hard to decide which one you want on yourself for the rest of your life, right? I’m too indecisive for that, let’s be real. So yeah, only temporary ones! At some point, I loved drawing on my skin actually.
Right or Left: I’m right-handed, but apparently when I was younger, I was holding the pen with my left hand sometimes.


Best friend: Victoire, the daughter of my parents’ best friends! She’s a year younger than me but I think we know each other since she was born, or something. We were in the same elementary then middle school but because I’m two years above her (I’m a year ahead in my studies), we slowly broke apart. It’s sad, but it’s what happens to me most of the time (like when I choose to study in Paris).
Award: Uh, we didn’t really have competitions of some sort in school, I think we got an award for a swimming competition with my classmates when I was eight, but I don’t really recall it. xD
Sport: It would be ballet, because I started when I was four and half, and practiced for ten years!
Real holiday: When I was a year and a half, I went to Ibiza with my parents; I actually recall seeing fireworks, because the Real Madrid had won some competition in football. Also, my dad disguised himself as a woman (why even?) and I was screaming: “give me back my dad” apparently.
Concert: You probably don’t know the singer, except if you’re French, haha. When I was eight, my dad took me to Lorie’s concert, who was every little girl’s idol. I think I went to her concerts three times total. But one of the best ones I’ve been to was Mika’s, especially when he took his shirt off. I was like thirteen or fourteen.


Movie: ALL THE MOVIES DIRECTED BY TIM BURTON AND FEATURING JOHNNY DEPP! I think Charlie and Chocolate’s Factory and Alice in Wonderland are my favourites.
Colour: Purple! Actually it’s a colour I almost never wear, but it’s my favourite one anyway! I mostly wear blue or pink which actually makes… Purple. I’m logical like that, haha.
Song: Right now, I’m obsessed with Photograph by Ed Sheeran. I loved it before it was on the trailer for Me Before You, but now it brings back even more feels!

Restaurant: I love Moroccan’s restaurants because couscous is one of my favourite foods.
Shop: Bookstores. For clothes’ shopping, I love H&M!
Books: It’s such a tricky question, I don’t want to answer! The best book I read in March was Lady Midnight, so I’ll go with this one! Also, Emma and Julian *sobs*.
Shoes: Ballerina shoes! Now that it’s Spring, I can finally wear mine again, which makes me so happy! It’s comfy and elegant at the same time.


Feeling: Comfortable, because I’m in my bed after a long day and also very tired after this week of finals.
Single or taken: I’m in a relationship since August 2014! I know my boyfriend will be reading this and proud as a peacock. ;)
Eating: I just ate apple pie and it was so good!
Thinking about: that I need to get train tickets to go see my little brother tonight, who is in a music camp (sort of), where he’s improving his skills in trombone.
Watching: I just caught up on the last episode of the Flash and I need the next one, aaaaaah! This one had a goal and all but I think next time, it will be about confronting the antagonist!
Wearing: A flowery dress with black tights and pink ballerina shoes.


Want Children: Of course I do, and at least a daughter, because I’m stuck with three brothers.
Want to be Married: Someday, definitely.
Careers in mind: *runs away as far as I can* So, basically, I don’t know. I want to work in the culture area for sure, maybe curator in a museum?
Where you want to live: In an English speaking country. Do you guys know what a struggle it is to buy books in English? I either have to order from Book Depository or Amazon. I want to be able to go to a bookstore and choose! In Paris, there is a bookstore with everything I need but it’s way more expensive than TBD or Amazon, like sometimes, a paperback there is at the same price as a hardcover on TBD! It’s insane! Anyway, I’m just saying that to choose… London. It’s not too far for me, thanks to the Eurostar from Lille. Also, since I live in the north of France, I almost have the same weather that in London, most days.


God: Yes. I’m more or less catholic, because that’s what my family is, but I don’t think one religion above the others is right.
Miracles: I’ve never seen one, so maybe?
Love at First Sight: Not love, but attraction yes.
Ghosts: I don’t know but whenever I’m alone in a house/flat or it’s the night… I have my doubts.
Aliens: Definitely! I can’t believe we’re all alone in this wide universe.
Soul mates: I don’t think so. I think there are several right people for us in the world; you just have to find one of them. Because if for some reason you’re not with the person who felt right anymore, I’m sure there will be someone else, who’ll feel right in another way.
Heaven: I don’t really like to think about it, but I hope.
Hell: Same as above.
Kissing on the First Date: Definitely! But most of the time, I figure the things out with the guy before a first date… So the kiss happened first. Except with my boyfriend two summers ago, where we actually had a date.

Yourself: YES! I’ve been getting so much better at that for the last year, a part of it is due to the blog actually, because it helped finding myself. #cheesy

Wow, it actually took me quite some time to write down all my answers! Thanks for tagging me Geraldine! :)


    Random question - but are any of your classes at uni given in English?
    Waa and you cut your hair... I NEED A PICTURE ASAP OF IT :D
    And ahh ballet? That's so cool :D I had no idea you danced! :D
    I've never been to a Mika concert, but I love his songs id that counts? Haha, Mika taking off his shirt though... xD Is that the main reason why you liked the concert so much?? :P
    Photograph is such a beautiful song! And ahhh in the Me Before You trailer, it's used so perfectly, and it always gives me chills :O
    Oh I can't believe that in Paris, there's mostly French books! Well, it makes sense...but STILL HAHA, I always thought that English books would still be readily available, because it's part of the UK? Very naive thought haha >.< BUT WOOO YES WE COULD BE LONDON BUDDIES :D
    Ahh I;m so glad you believe in yourself, Lucie - that's honestly one of the most valuable things you can have! <3
    I'm so happy to learn more about you, Lucie!! :D

    1. Aaaaah, thank you! The years flew by and now I have to decide what to do next, which is so exciting and scary! All of my classes are in French, sadly, we have a class dedicated to English though, since it's our foreign language. In some universities, a few classes are in English, but it wasn't the case here (I wish!).
      In fact my hair grew back now and I almost feel like it's as long as before, which was the point, I want longer hair but for it to grow faster.
      I stopped a long time ago to practice ballet because of school *sigh*
      I love Mika's songs too! It's part of the reason, I confess it. Btw, did you know he was one of the judges in the French version of the Voice?? Mika speaking in French is just the best <3 *swoons*
      Photograph is on repeat all the time on Spotify for me, I'm listening to it right now, to be honest!
      Well, I can still think of three English bookstores I went to in Paris, but they are so expensive! *cries* I love Waterstones in the UK though, I went to the one in Picadilly Circus last year and it was a dream come true!
      Thank you lovely! <3