Saturday, 23 January 2016

5 tips to survive when you live with a bookworm

Today i want to participate to the blog of my girlfriend by speaking about an original subject that you may don’t know : How is it to live with a bookworm ?
Because i can tell you from my own experience, when you aren’t a bookworm it could be strange sometimes to live with one 😋
So i will make a top 5 of those weird things that could happened when you live with a bookworm, in order to help your boyfriend/girlfriend, possibly non-bookworm, to understand their behaviour !!

-1 You have to learn not to be jealous of books.

Indeed, a bookworm can desire a book so strongly, be so impatient to hold it in his hands, whereas as a non-bookworm you'd rather to have all these feelings turned towards you . That could lead to strange situations where your boyfriend/girlfriend will say « i want you, oh, i want you so much! » and you will answer « yeah, me too darling, let's do this » and he/she will answer « oh i was speaking of a book sorry » « oh crap. ». This is so frustrating 😋 but don’t worry from them it's normal !

-2 You should learn to live in silence, while your bookworm reads.

Never, NEVER interrupt your bookworm during his reading time because I can assure you, at that moment, if they had the power of Darth Vader, they would force you by one look to be quiet!!! The only good reason who could justify that you interrupt them is to inform them that their book mail has arrived. So learn to live in complete silence with your bookworm,  if you want to survive 😉

-3 For all the bookworms, people who do not read are heretics! 

So if you live with a bookworm, he will be confronted to two different choices : burn you, or convert you to his religion where books are relics and authors are gods. Don’t worry, most of the time they will choose to try to convert you! When they begin, they are ready to make a crusade to convert you by making plans on several years, buying you books for Christmas or your birthday to force you to read. But don’t worry again that just show how much they care about you 😉

-4 A bookworm has two personalities 

After a certain amount of time you will be able to observe that your bookworm has two different personalities and the key of those personalities is… Books !!! I’m sure you were not expecting that 😋 So, if your bookworm reads a book and likes it, he will be happy during several days, very optimistic and dynamic. But if he doesn’t like the book, well my dear friends, run for your life, buy a full armour and build a bunker until your bookworm reads a book he likes. Indeed, before that, he will be possessed by a dangerous blood rage against the world, because he spent money and time on a bad book… But if you are very brave, you could try to give him a hug. That works… Sometimes... 😋

-5 To end this, I will speak about what you could consider as the weirdest behaviour of your bookworm : He could cry for fictional characters, especially when one of them dies. 

As a non-bookworm you could find that strange. But, think about that each time your bookworm will be touched by a character, in a positive or negative way, he will come back to you, because he will need to share -because he loves you- his experience and at last, that's why we love them : because they are different from others with whom we are used to live 😉
I will leave you here, I hope I helped you to understand your bookworm and please if you liked it let me know that would be really kind of you 🙂

My dear bookworm i love you ❤️, and please stay who you are even if sometimes you can be weird 😋


  1. Naw this is so cute! I definitely agree with the last one - whether it's reacting to a character death or to a ship finally getting together, there's usually some weird behavior going on when I read!

    1. I think we're weird creatures for normal human beings, haha! ;) Sometimes my boyfriend is like "oh but don't cry, it'll be okay, there there" and I'm like "Leave me alooooooone" xD