Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Favorite OTPs | Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted by The Broke and the BookishThis week is a Valentine's themed freebie. I choose to do my Top Ten Favorites OTPs. I was debating doing Top Ten Book Boyfriends, because yes, the list would have been completely different (like with Peeta #1) but well, let's celebrate actual couples (or not).

What does OTP mean? One True Pairing. It means this relationship you love so much, cried over, wants so do fan art or write fanfiction about. Basically:

1. Sydney and Adrian // Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead

I shipped them so hard during the whole series. Centrum permanebit *sobs* Sydney is a character I can relate so much to, Adrian is such an interesting and hot love interest (we all had our eye on him during Vampire Academy). So basically, yes. Moreover, when you read scenes involving their relationship, you can feel it, which is the best.

2. Clara and Tucker // Unearthly trilogy by Cynthia Hand

I knew there was a big ship in this one, but I was so 'meh' about Tucker in the beginning, because he was such a jerk to Clara. Then they got stuck together, got to know each other and the spark was here. During the rest of the series, I was fangirling so hard when Tucker called her Carrots, when it was to mock her in the beginning.

3. Eleanor and Daniel // Something Strange and Deadly trilogy by Susan Dennard

Where do you wanna start on this one? So much angst and slow burn, it was written really well, I thought. The author made us really suffer, though, because of when the Spirit Hunters left at the end of Something Strange and Deadly, because we knew it wasn't true, but it was still happening, and we could feel Eleanor's heartbreak. After that, they acted a little like idiots, but do you need to be reminded of Strange and Ever After? I think I'm traumatized.

4. Clarke and Bellamy // The 100 (TV show version)

Everyone who watches the show is shipping this. Btw, I haven't watched the last season yet, so don't spoil me, please. I'm trying to wait as much as I can to marathon it. But anyway, I'm just waiting for it. "May we meet again". Also, have anyone read the books? Apparently they're not great, but is there some Bellarke in it?

5. Day and June // Legend trilogy by Marie Lu

I remember finishing Champion almost two years ago (I finished it two or three days after my birthday and my birthday is on Thursday, so I totally recall) and sobbing. I was in the train, but didn't care. I was so involved in their relationship, you guys, and I wasn't even realizing it. Then stuff happened and it was so sad and unfair. The ending was full of hope, but it wasn't enough, okay? I need more of them together! *cries in a corner*

6. Gansey and Blue // The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

From the beginning, the reader knows it will happen but that's it's forbidden. But they're so great together! I'm so, so, so scared for The Raven King. 

7. Hermione and Fred // Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

This is non-canon but I. DON'T. CARE. J.K. Rowling was planning to end it like that, so it's kinda canon? Seriously, do you think Ron and Hermione could live together everyday, with children? They would yell at each other all day? I'm sorry, but I don't think Ron deserves her. Fred does and of course they would fight, but they would be so smart. And they would have perfect children. So well, let's consider Fremione is real. Because it makes me cry.

8. Will and Jem and Tessa // The Infernal Devices trilogy  by Cassandra Clare

Are you on a team for this love triangle? I'm not. It's not that I'm defending threesomes but... But...
a) Will + Jem = all the fangirling and parabatai
b) Will + Tessa = all the fangirling and hotness
c) Jem + Tessa = all the fangirling and kindness
I like Jem better as a person, I think, but for the ships... I'm like EVERYONE!

9. Calypso and Leo // The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

They made me cry and hope and aaaaaaah. Did you know that "caleo" (their ship name), meant "I'm hot" in Latin? Did you? So yeah, it was obvious it was meant to be. Moreover, poor babies need to be happy (for a change!).

10. Magnus and Alec // The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

I'm watching Shadowhunters and my enjoyment for the fourth episode was based upon Malec. #noregrets They kept the line where Magnus said Alec was a pretty one and Jace thought it was meant for him, so for once they made a good choice. Anyway, they went through so much, they're really cute and if you've read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, you know what I have in mind. *winks* If you're a Malec shipper and haven't read these novellas yet, what are you doing???

About me and Valentine's day: I'm in a relationship and don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Like, I'm kinda opposed to it? It's just that you can celebrate your love everyday and it doesn't need a special day for that, ugh. Is friends' day as important as Valentine's day? Or a day special for family as important as that (I don't include Christmas and the likes)? Nope. Nevertheless, of course it can be a good excuse to go out. But that's all.

What do YOU think about Valentine's day? Do you have anything planned? Tell me about your favorite OTPs in the comments!


  1. OMG, Hermione and Fred would be perfect together :D And Magnus and Alec are the only reason I've continued reading The Mortal Instruments series. I love them so much ^.^

    Great pairings!

    1. I think I'm converting people to Fremione? :D #lifegoals
      Have you read Tales of Shadowhunter Academy? Because so much Malec in one of the novellas, I loved it, and you will to since you're a shipper!

  2. Great list! I haven't caught up yet to the new season of The 100 for exactly the same reason! And Sidney and Aidan!!

    1. I hope you'll get to it soon! The excitment is real for the 100 aaaaaah. I hope I won't get spoiler on Twitter though!

  3. I love Bellarke :) I haven't read the books, but I know some info. I heard there is a lot of Bellarke in the books, it's a main thing that happens :)

    Also, I never would have thought this, but I love the idea of Fred and Hermione. I am not a huge fan of Ron so I am with you on that one :)

    Novel Ink's TTT

    1. That's a positive things about the books then, because I don't think if I heard any positive review! But maybe Bellarke is endgame, which is why it didn't happen straight away :)
      Thank you, I wasn't a big fan of Ron either, as if he deserved Hermione *sigh*

  4. Agree with so many on your list! Great picks!
    IF you are interested my TTT is here:

  5. Fred and Hermione... hmm... never thought about that. My TTT

    1. I know but I like them better than Dramione or Ronmione, ugh ^^

  6. OMGG Hermione and Fred?? REALLY?? Honestly, that's such a random pairing to me haha xD
    And I had no idea about Leo and Calypso being Caleo and what it means and stuff ITS COOL :D
    PLUS ALL THE CASSIE CLARE SHIPS - she manages to make ships so shippable omggg. It's so hard to pick a team for Jem, Will and Tessa :(

    1. Hahaha, I thought a lot about them and read tons of fanfiction so yeah! I totally imagine Hermione with a Weasley, but not Ron. Percy is a serious one but he's boring so nooooo. But I don't know, I love this idea and J.K. Rowling planned this at first but in the end she changed her mind :(
      Sydney and Adrian were so well written :D
      It's so funny, I was learning my Latin vocabulary someday and it blew me away xD It's probably not done on purpose, but so funny!
      She's so good at this, I'm scared for Lady Midnight because I think we'll have too much feels and will have to wait for the other books to be published *hyperventilates*
      Yeah, I like Will and then Jem and Will and then Jem and it can go on forever! :o

    2. Mmm, yeah Percy is quite serious *nods emphatically*
      AHAH that's so cool omg - the things that Latin can teach you :P
      WE PROBABLY WILL - I'm so scared to read it before the other books come out - because I remember having to wait for the last two books of TMI and the last TID book, and being in AGONY :(

  7. MALEC. <333 Although I don't think Alec deserved the fabulousness that was Magnus all the time. XD Hehe I severely adore Magnus. AHEM. But omg I do ship them so much and I can't wait to start watching the show. OH and Blue and Gasney. <3 I ship them but I don't want them to kiss. EVER. xD
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Magnus is such a great character and we'll have him in EVERY Shadowhunter book ever, so I can live with that ;) Have you read Tales of Shadowhunter Academy? Do it do it do it! Because the feeeeeels! Yes Blue and Gansey are amazing but... we'll see what happens in The Raven King (I'm so scared)!

    2. Magnus is such a great character and we'll have him in EVERY Shadowhunter book ever, so I can live with that ;) Have you read Tales of Shadowhunter Academy? Do it do it do it! Because the feeeeeels! Yes Blue and Gansey are amazing but... we'll see what happens in The Raven King (I'm so scared)!